Our Story

Concept Safety Systems is a company that specialises in smart solutions for your emergency and safety training needs.

With more than 100 years of global experience, our team is comprised of emergency and rescue professionals, safety training experts, and communication gurus. Our combined under pinning skills and knowledge provides the most efficient solution for getting your business compliant with safety regulations. Established in 2008, the recognition of Concept Safety Systems’ programs has expanded our portfolio globally and across a wide range of industries: from the largest corporations, to the government sector, to small business. Our programs have garnered endorsements from the industry’s gold standard of safety and emergency preparedness and have trained more than 400,000 users.

Our Qualifications

When your business gets a Concept Safety System, you’re also getting a seal of approval from the Fire and Emergency Services. So you can have confidence that your safety has been approved by the best. All our systems are certified with the highest qualifications, most notably: Environment Management AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004, Safety Management AS/NZS 4801:2001 and OHSAS 18001, Quality Management AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 and State Government Accreditation QAssure. Just another way of ensuring you’re getting the most effective protection possible.

For more about what this means for your business, read about our qualifications below.

Environment Management
Environment ManagementAS/NZS ISO 14001:2004
Concept Safety Systems’ focus on protection doesn’t just end with our clients. We have a strong environmental policy that ensures all our practices are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner that reflects our commitment to fostering the sustainable use of the Earth’s resources.
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Safety Management
Safety ManagementAS/NZS 4801:2001
Our team understands that it’s essential for your business to provide a safe and healthy work environment. That’s why we set a goal to prevent all occupational injuries and illness for our clients.

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Safety Management
Safety ManagementOHSAS 18001
Implementing our “Occupational Health and Safety Program”, tailored specifically by our specialists for your business needs.

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Quality Management
Quality ManagementAS/NZS ISO 9001:2015
Concept Safety System’s primary objective is to deliver quality, hassle-free solutions for your safety needs.

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State Government Accreditation
State Government AccreditationQAssure
Concept Safety System’s newest accreditation is the State Government Accreditation QAssure. We are delighted to be awarded the accreditation which is managed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and provides industry accreditation for Government Suppliers.
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Some of the Team

Carolyn Josey
Carolyn JoseyProject Manager
Carolyn joins the Concept Safety Systems team after working for seven years in the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service’s Fire and Evacuation Planning Unit.
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Simon Sanderson
Simon SandersonCIO
Simon joined Concept Safety Systems in 2015 as the Chief Information Officer. Bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team.
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Steve Kavanagh
Steve KavanaghCFO
Steve’s key speciality is to develop dynamic, robust and integrated modelling so numbers can help develop and support the strategy, project development story or business opportunity.
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Amanda Eade
Amanda EadeInternal Auditor | Administration Manager, Concept Safety Systems
Amanda has a diverse role covering audit compliance, finance and administration management.
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Dave Szollosi
Dave SzollosiFire Safety & WHS Consultant & Trainer
Dave joins Concept Safety Systems with over 25 years’ experience in Fire Safety and Workplace Health and Safety. He forms an integral part of CSS’s integrated online and face-to-face training.
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Kristopher Brown
Kristopher BrownAccount Manager Queensland
Kristopher has worked at Concept Safety Systems since 2010. During his time with Concept Safety Systems Kristopher has added numerous fire-related qualifications; as his roles and responsibilities have grown so too has his skills and experience.
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Andreas Deakin
Andreas DeakinPrincipal Consultant ANZ
Andreas is a highly-experienced ITIL certified consultant and has a sound understanding of services, technical planning, probity, purchasing and accountability policies and guidelines.
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Keith Packenas
Keith PackenasFire Safety Consultant
Keith joined Concept Safety Systems with over 35 years experience in operational Fire and Emergency service to the Australian community.
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Advisory Board

Edward Mandla
Edward MandlaCouncillor
Councillor Edward Mandla is a technology expert, business specialist and prominent figure of public office, whose career spans three decades. In addition to his corporate work, Edward’s professional life has been punctuated by his many voluntary contributions to the broader community.
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Paul Steer
Paul SteerBoard Member
As an advisor, Paul develops and implements strategies to expand business enterprises, financing strategies and IPOs. His experience has seen him working both as a consultant and as a tax and audit specialist to companies of varying sizes: from corporate clients to global corporations.
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John Hummelstad
John HummelstadChairman/CEO
Beginning his career in the late 1980’s working in sales and marketing, John has accumulated more than twenty-five years of experience in the corporate development sector, assisting businesses, both nationally and internationally, particularly in the US and Asian markets.
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Our Community

At Concept Safety Systems, we strive for a safer, stronger community. That’s why we’re partners with Hummingbird House and MS Australia – two charities invested in making tomorrow a better place. We’ve learned a lot from their strategies, and have been greatly inspired by their contributions to the community. By supporting these organisations, we believe we’re influencing positive growth. Our support extends beyond the financial – we also offer these charities our fire safety expertise and systems, to ensure they have the best, and aren’t at risk.