Site Induction


Inducting your visitor’s off-site, on their time, sounds like the solution your business is looking for? Talk to us. Our Site Induction Program (SIP) is a user-friendly, time-saving solution for all your site induction needs, including:

  • Pre-entry requirements;
  • Site safety requirements;
  • General & first response instruction
  • ECO (Warden) training;
  • Record keeping;
  • Emergency plan / Fire Evacuation Plan

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Fire & Evacuation


Concept Safety can tailor our Fire Evacuation Program to uniquely fit your site, plans, building, and specific safety requirements. It also meets all regulation requirements, providing you with:

  • General & first response instruction
  • Evacuation coordination
  • Emergency Control Organisation (Warden) instruction
  • Emergency procedures
  • Fire evacuation plan
  • Records & forms

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Evacuation Signs / Diagrams


Our service also includes evacuation signs / diagrams. We can visit your site and assist with:

  • Ensuring the floor plans are accurate
  • Identify and record locations of fire reference points

We’ll also ensure the signs / diagrams are fully compliant, and are presented in whichever format best suits your business needs, be it electronic form, laminated, framed, or as a hard copy.

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Ongoing Compliance


To make sure your fire safety responsibilities continue being met, Concept Safety Systems offers an “ongoing compliance package”, which includes:

  • Review and update of evacuation signs / diagrams
  • Revision of emergency procedures & Emergency Control Organisation structure
  • Assistance with compliance issues

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Is Your Business Protected?

Fire safety and emergency planning is a growing cause of WH&S concern for Australian businesses.

If your building is not compliant you could be putting your business and the lives of your workers at risk. Think about the following items to see if your building is compliant; it could make all the difference to the future of your business (80% of busineses who have a major fire event go out of business).

If you had an emergency tomorrow would you have the right team to save the lives of the people on your site?

  • Do the people on your site know the procedures to take to get to safety when disaster strikes?
  • Do they know where to find and use emergency equipment?
  • Have you minimised the potential damage to your business by having a clear fire evacuation plan for every possible emergency and has this plan been communicated to all workers contractors and visitors?
  • Have you avoided added chaos during an emergency through assigning clear roles and responsibilities to your wardens? Do you have regular practice emergency drills?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then your business is not compliant and you face significant risk and potential exposure to fines from the authorities.

Concept Safety offers solutions to get your business compliant with its fire safety responsibilities. View the steps that you must take to ensure your company is fully compliant today or contact us to get you started.


How Do I Get Protected?

Concept Safety can manage the risks posed to your business by fire, and the financial risks associated with regulation non-compliance. All our systems are tailored specifically to your individual needs, and are designed to save your business time.

We can help with all your fire safety requirements, including:

  • Site induction
  • Instruction in fire and evacuation
  • Warden training
  • Record keeping
  • Emergency procedures information
  • Emergency plans / Fire evacuations plans
  • Evacuation signs / diagrams

Our online system is a one-stop solution to all these requirements. It’s simple, easy-to-use, and accessible anytime, from anywhere, which means you can get training done, whenever, wherever. Our system’s easy accessibility is just another proven method of ensuring your workers use the system, and stay compliant.

Contact us and we can arrange a visit to discuss how our proven strategies and how implementing an online program can help your business needs.


Why Concept Safety?

With more than sixty years of combined experience, our teams are industry leaders in providing businesses with innovative solutions for fire, emergency, and workplace health and safety training.

Concept Safety’s reputation is endorsed by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, and our Fire Evacuation Program has trained over 100,000 users.

We’ve developed the industry’s leading online solution for fire and safety training, designed to not only further reduce risk, but also, reduce the hassle of fire safety training for your business.

Our online system is also the only one of it’s kind to provide site specific evacuation plans (i.e – using your building’s floor plans to map exit routes, and direct workers towards safety equipment) adding even more of a tailored approach to your business’ fire safety.

Best of all, it puts you in control of when your workers do their fire training, providing a time-saving, cost-cutting solution for your induction requirements.

We won’t just get you compliant. We’ll create your business a system that cuts out the hassle of safety training and reduces cost of compliance year after year.


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