These days, when it comes to the safety of your business, having a fire and evacuation solution is essential. By choosing Concept Safety Systems for your fire and evacuation needs, you’ll have peace of mind that your business is implementing a proven strategy.

CSS offers a range of solutions for your business’ fire and evacuation needs, no matter the size or scale of your operation.

Fire & Evacuation Program

With a completely online approach, our Fire & Evacuation Program (FEP) is one of our most popular products. Not only does it allow your business unprecedented control over it’s training, the FEP is a one-point-reference for the location of your building’s fire safety devices; the procedure for evacuating your building safely; contact details for all positions within your Emergency Control Organisation (ECO), as well as interactive floor plans of your site.

All of these features have been carefully designed to ensure your business’ fire safety is as efficient, effective, and 100% compliant.

Simple Compliance

Fire safety is a serious matter. Complete the simple test below to see if your building is compliant. It could make all the difference in the world.

Compliancy Test

  1. If you had a fire tomorrow, would you have access to the necessary equipment to save the lives of your staff?
  2. Should a disaster strike, do your staff members know where fire exits are located?
  3. Have you minimised the potential damage to your business by having a clear fire evacuation plan for every possible emergency?
  4. Have you avoided added chaos during an emergency through assigning building wardens?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, your business is not compliant and you risk facing significant fines. What’s worse, is you are putting your staff and anyone on your premise at risk of a serious or life-threatening incident if there was a fire in your building today.

However, Concept Safety Systems has the solution to ensure your company is fully compliant today. Take a look at “How do you become compliant?” and see just how easy it is for your business to become compliant today!

Getting compliant is easier than you might think. The following steps show how we can get your business up to scratch.

  1. Access - Concept Safety Systems’ experts will assess your business and determine all the fire and safety regulations and requirements that you need to meet, in order to become compliant.
  2. Develop - We will develop a customised solution specific to your business’ needs, that meets all Australian fire safety regulations and standards.
  3. Implement - Our specialists will implement your customised solution, and explain how to update and maintain this strategy within your business operations.
  4. Support - Concept Safety Systems will monitor your progress and offer ongoing support, whenever you should need it. On an annual basis we can review your fire evacuation plan and business compliance, to ensure that you’re remaining totally compliant.

Getting compliant is as easy as F-E-P. Our Fire & Evacuation Program is a one-stop solution to ensuring your business meets all Australian standards for fire safety.

Being a totally online system means you have greater control over when inductions and training takes place, ensuring the running of your business is as efficient as possible. Because smarter solutions are what we do.


Industry Specific Evacuation Programs

Concept Safety Systems have worked across a vast range of industries to deliver tailored products and solutions. We understand industry and working environment specific legislation, and can ensure that it is applied in your workplace for total business compliance. Take a look below for industry specific fire and evacuation programs.

EducationMiningUtilities Transport & LogisticsGovernmentLocal Government HealthcareManufacturingTourism